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Before Five in a Row: Blueberries for Sal

We finished our first BFIAR book, Blueberries for Sal.

It really was the best book to start with. Not only can this book easily stands up to 5 days of reading in a row. There are load of activities to go along with the book’s themes of blueberry picking, bears, safety and counting. 

How we rowed Blueberries for Sal

We started each morning by reading the story book on the sofa after breakfast. If I had prepared printables we did those straight away after the reading. I saved the art activities for the afternoon. Here’s some of the highlights from the week.


Learning about Safety

Since we  have just moved to Shanghai, I’m using this Safety theme as an opportunity to reinforce some safety rules in our busy city. We practiced ‘Where I go, you go.’ We also talked about ‘Stop, Look, Listen’ at intersections. I found a great resource for teaching road safety here. This song was a hit:


(Sung to the tune “Are You Sleeping?/Where Is Thumbkin?”)

Where is stop sign? Where is stop sign? Here I am! (Show stop sign) Here I am! Red is my colour. A very trusty fellow. Stop right there! Stop right there!

Where is traffic light? Where is traffic light? Here I am! (Show traffic light) Here I am! Red tells us stop!! Yellow 

says wait! Green we go! The traffic light will know!

Where is crosswalk sign? Where is crosswalk sign? Here I am! (Show pedestrian crossing sign) Here I am! My colour is black and white. Cars will keep me in their sight. Walk where it’s safe! Walk where it’s safe!

- Debbie Kaatz


Blueberry Math

Theses printables for Blueberries for Sal at Homeschoolshare were useful for teaching number activities.



We watched videos and looked at picture books of bears in the wild.



Blueberry Art

We made a sponge and cork painting of a blueberry bush. Then we used our blueberry bush painting to decorate part of a cardboard box to make a puppet theater.

We had a great week and we’re looking forward to the next book!

What was your favorite activity to go with Blueberries for Sal?

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