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Homeschooling Mom Benefits – How You Can Have A Successful Work-Life Balance

A common question from new moms is, “Can I make money online while homeschooling my children?” This can be a very valid question, as many people have found that they have the ability to make money on the internet while also being homeschooling moms. One of the main advantages of homeschooling is that it allows freedom for your child to be in control of his/her own education. In fact, most traditional schools discourage homeschooling because they believe that the parent has less time to devote to their children’s development.

Homeschooling requires your mother to be self-starters and provide both you and your child with the attention they need to thrive. You will both need to balance your time as a family. Homeschooling mothers are often known to stay at home during the day and work at night. Both of these extremes require a lot of self-discipline and patience, both of which can be lacking when you’re homeschooling your children. It’s perfectly okay to say that you’re taking care of your family and working at the same time.

Another advantage of homeschooling for mothers is the opportunity for them to build strong relationships with other mothers in their community. The best way to develop meaningful relationships with other mothers is by being proactive. You can build your network of friends and acquaintances by volunteering to help with school activities or other mom-related projects. This is a great way for you to gain support and confidence. You’ll find that you’ll enjoy getting to know other mothers just as much as the mothers that are homeschooling their children.

The most important of all homeschooling mom benefits is the fact that it will allow you to provide a high quality of education for your children. There are few jobs that offer more hours in a day than homeschooling. Your children will get more play time and spend more time in the classroom as a result. This means that your children will be receiving an excellent education in every subject.

You’ll also find that there is less pressure on you. When you have several children at home, you often find yourself overwhelmed. You have to make sure that the house is clean, the food is prepared and you’re always presentable. You have to be there for your children at every important moment. Not only that, but you must keep up with all of the activities that your children want you to attend. All of this takes a tremendous amount of energy and time from you.

When you’re homeschooling, you don’t have to worry about these types of demands. You’ll be able to focus solely on educating your children. You won’t have to worry about work-life balance issues because you’ll be able to be home for your children. In addition, you can work when it’s convenient for you. If you have to be at work you simply move your children to another location so you can still teach them.

Another one of the Homeschooling Mom Benefits is that you’ll find that your children are better prepared for success in school. The more responsible a parent is, the more likely their children are to succeed. You’ll have more knowledge and skills to help your children with their homework and exams. This will allow your children to get a head start on their education and prepare them to learn in school. You’ll feel more confident in what you’re teaching and your children will be learning faster than if you were teaching them the same curriculum from the beginning.

Finally, you’ll save money. The costs of daycare, private school, etc. add up and it’s no wonder why many parents are considering a home school. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be setting your children up for success in life. They’ll have a better work-life balance, be more responsible and you’ll be able to spend more time with them.

Choose a Homeschool Curriculum That Fits

or if I knew then, what I know now…

The question of curriculum choice has been a big one with our homeschool. We’ve made a few mistakes along the way, costing us both in time and money. If I could do it all again, I’d listen to my gut more and not jump on the latest rage in the forums and the blogs.

For a homeschooling family starting out, here are some tips to help narrow down your choices and guide you to the best curriculum choice.

What is important to you?

Think about why you chose to homeschool your child. What is the most important benefit in your opinion? Are you concerned about the quality of your child’s education? Do you want to combine your child’s education with religious and/or moral instruction? Is it important to you that your child be accepted into a good college, or are you more concerned with teaching your child to be financially independent or to have respect for the environment? Are you uncomfortable with self-directed learning or do you want your child to have freedom or more involvement in their education?

What is truly important to you and how do you want to impart that knowledge to your child?

Answering these questions can help lead you in the right direction in regards to what curriculum to choose. Also keep in mind the legal requirements of the state you live in.

Consider your family situation

Do you have several children or are you pregnant or caring for elderly relatives? Do you work part time or have little support with homeschooling? Are you a single parent?

If you have a complicated situation it’s going to be especially challenging for you to spend a lot of time educating your child. A curriculum that requires minimal teacher preparation and supervision might be best, for instance the ‘All in One’ style of homeschool curriculum that operates like ‘school in a box’ versus unit studies that require more prep work on your part.

What about your financial situation? If you are short on funds, you may lean towards an eclectic or unschooling style rather than a conventional curriculum. You can find homeschool materials cheaply or even free via the Internet, and even yard sales, thrift stores and online auctions. Conversely, if money is no object, you can go all out and pick a curriculum that includes all the craft and science project materials as well as hard bound books your child will be reading during the year. Teacher support via Internet or phone may be available also.

Consider your philosophy

Do you believe in a classical education philosophy that involves copywork and memorization, or are you a proponent of a more experiential, hands on or informal style of learning? If you choose a curriculum that doesn’t mesh with your beliefs about education, you’ll find yourself hemmed in and frustrated and likely your child will be unhappy with the choice too.

There is no one best choice for homeschooling your child. I congratulate you for being willing to invest the time and energy to educate your child at home. Don’t stress out too much about curriculum choices. As a home schooling parent you are free to change things whenever you want or need to. Finding the right curriculum for you and your child isnít that hard once you know what you truly want from your home schooling experience.

How have you made your curriculum choices?

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